November 15, 2019

Get Involved

Grace Christian School is administrated by Grace Covenant Association, a nonprofit organization started by the local Baptist Church and pastors from the area. This is a private education institution, so there is no funding coming from the Romanian government or local authorities. Because of this status the financing of the educational process and all the other educational projects comes from the fee the parents are required to pay (tuition and food) and from the help of sponsors.

Because some of the children that showed remarkable academic performances and exemplary discipline come from families with very poor financial situations and cannot afford to remain in our institution we have started the “One Heart” Scholarship. This scholarship is meant to come along side families in difficult situations and help them keep their children in a good Christian educational institution.

The “One Heart” Scholarship is offered based on the following criteria:

  • Academic achievements
  • Financial situation of the family
  • Social situation of the family
  • The desire of the parents to enroll their children in a Christian School

In order to keep this project alive we need your help. The purpose of this project is to find a sponsor for each of these children that wish to continue their studies in our institution, but their parents can not afford it. The “One Heart” Scholarship provides the following for each child that qualifies:

  • Education (tuition)
  • Food (2 meals / day and a snack)
  • Permission to use the computer lab and the library
  • English lessons
  • Introduction to musical instrument
  • Presents for each special program we organize
  • A field trip/semester
  • Extended program hours (afternoon nap, assistance in homework)
  • Second foreign language
  • Painting lessons

We thank you for the time you took to read this information and we hope that soon you will join us in this project. May God bless you!