November 15, 2019

Our History

In the schools that I have attended all of my life, I have made this painful realization; the children of Christians were better behaved, more disciplined, better listeners, obedient, and excelled at learning. But with all this, they were humiliated, persecuted, scoffed at and rejected by their peers and teachers for the simple reason they were “repenters”. I didn’t like it. I quietly waited and I knew there could be another alternative. I heard throughout the world there were schools where the Bible was taught, appreciated, respected and that classes began with prayer. All my childhood, I craved for something like this. I wished I could have gone in those countries where Christians weren’t regarded foolish in their beliefs or better, that those countries would come to us.

During communism I could not imagine that a Christian school can exist in Romania. But after the revolution from 1989, I started to hope and think this miracle could happen and take place in our country.

One day I visited the ruins of a Jewish school from our town. The building was in an awful condition like Jerusalem was a long time ago. Above the dilapidated walls, broken windows, destroyed roof I could envision what could be in their place. I thought that it would even be recommended that on the ruins of a Jewish school to build a Christian school; on the foundation of the Old Testament to lay the foundation of the covenant of grace.

Shortly after my visit, I heard that those ruins were for sale. Grace Baptist Church of Lugoj, Romania purchased the property of the Jewish ruins. Our dream has begun to become a reality.

The reconstruction of the school began in 2003 and functionally completed in 2008. And 15th of September 2008 the first children walked through the gates of the new school. This was a new day, a new start, and new possibilities. Great is our Lord and very worthy of our praise.